Saturday, December 18, 2010

Test Post, aka the 'About Me' Post

I haven't written a blog in at least three years, so this should be fun. This is a blog about me and my adventures in the kitchen, also including things that other people have made. There will be pictures and recipes and funny stories and, hopefully, people will reply with the same. AND NOW, in list form, I'll get to the interesting bits.

1. My name is Bee. Not really, but that's what I'll go by.
2. I am 20. Recently 20. My birthday is in October but, should this blog last that long, everyone will get a reminder.
3. I have a boyfriend [henceforth 'P'] and he's part ninja, part girl. He cleans up my kitchen disasters and can do everything.
4. He is the one that is forced to taste everything, so many opinions in this blog will be his, if they're not mine.
5. If they're not either of ours, it will be my friend 'E' [female].
6. I have no siblings.
7. I love cheese.
8. I hate ice cream. Mostly.
9. My current experimental fix is candy. My success rate is thus far low.
10. I am a creative writing major. Also, classic civilizations, but that's pretty useless.
11. My culinary idol is Ina Garten. I love her.

1. I just want to write about my stuff. So the goal is to reach people that will actually use and enjoy my recipes and stories.
2. I want to meet Ina Garten. That's also a goal.
3. I will update as often as possible/whenever something awesome happens, food-wise.

Sooo, that's about it. I hope everyone enjoys because I KNOW I WILL.

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