Saturday, January 22, 2011

Cheese shopping + Recipe hunting

Because the Rabbi at the temple for which I work told us to, E and I went shopping at Earth Fare. I was expecting a cute little market, which it sort of was, but it was actually MUCH MORE AMAZING than that. I recommend going, if at all possible, because it was an adorable version of Whole Foods [although, apparently, they are in competition and so I shouldn't say that]. One thing I will say for it is that there were SO MANY SAMPLES, E and I thought we would die of joy. There was even a basket of free bits of bar soap that smelled like spearmint.

But the best part, aside from the various samples around the store, was the giant cheese section. And not only was it a giant cheese section with a sample of delicious port wine cheese from Ireland, but anyone can sample any cheese they want FOR FREE. E and I tasted a goat's milk brie, which I ended up buying because I think it was the best brie I've ever had. She also sampled a bleu cheese, but I'm not a fan. She seemed to enjoy it, though.

And on the note of me actually cooking, I'm making French onion soup + Croque Monsieurs [possibly Monte Cristos] tonight. Pictures + recipes to follow. Only pictures if it turns out disasterous, though.

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